Akai Onna 1

Akai Onna

Story== Not much is known yet about the young woman in red. She used to be a member of Dr. Hibbel's evil army, but it remains unclear whether she had joined the ranks by her own free choice or if she had been manipulated and brainwashed like so many others. It is a fact though that she joined the rebellion of Gore-Rilla the Ringmaster, Destwatuator and Der Schlitzer and helped to prevent Dr. Hibbel's plan of world domination. Some people believe that this was merely an act of opportunism and that Akai Onna will always take the side of the winner, changing her believes as it suits her own agenda and goals. Others say she was an undercover agent of the Awesome Ninja and Pirates Agency, tasked to infiltrate Dr. Hibbels base of operations and doing whatever was necessary to bring him down. Whatever may be true, Akai Onna is a master of deception, intrigue and manipulation and has been very successful at keeping her past a secret.

After the rebellion, she disappeared for several months; her recent appearance in Millennium City and her help in bringing down the alien invadors seems to indicate that she is one of the Good guys now (or has always been, who knows?).