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The Awesome Ninja and Pirates Agency (ANPA) is a secret organization of the world's most awesome and powerful ninjas and pirates. Their greatest success was to make the world believe that there was a rivalry, even a war between them, when in reality there has been a long tradition of cooperation since the time of the Vikings (who were also pirates and travelled even farther than is known today). Among the many members were such formidable names like Hattori Hanzo, Ishikawa Goemon, Klaus Störtebeker, Francis Drake, Henry Morgan, Anne Bonny, Blackbeard, and many more.

The ANPA's goals are not power or world domination, but fun, booze and awesomeness, for their members and the whole world, if the people want it or not. Dr. Hibbel's plans threatened these goals, as a world controlled by a mad, evil scientist with an evil army wouldn't be fun (and what good is awesomeness without fun?). That's why they sent agents to infiltrate Dr. Hibbel's organisation and stop his plans. It is unknown how many agents they sent and what they achieved, but many experts agree that the agents played an important role in leading the way to the rebellion of Gore-Rilla the Ringmaster, Destwatuator and Der Schlitzer. It is believed that Akai Onna was one of the agents, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Today, the ANPA keeps on bringing fun, booze and awesomeness to the world and does everything in its power to stop those who are threaten these goals, be they evil mad scientists, alien invaders, crazy dictators or criminal masterminds.