B.E.A.S.T.-Circus (Brilliantly-Evolved-Animals'-Self-Treatment-Circus) was an organisation of humanlike intelligent animals of all species founded by Gore-Rilla The Ringmaster.

After he defeated Dr. Hibbel´s Evil Army together with Der Schlitzer and Destwatuator, he travelled the land searching for intelligent non-human beings like himself. At first he thought he was the only one on earth. But after searching a few years he had found hundreds of them; most of them were hiding in caves, hunted as “Monsters” by humans. So they where willing to follow Gore-Rilla, fighting for their rights. The B.E.A.S.T-Circus was born.

At the start they acted like a group of unorganized hippies. Releasing animals from Zoos and Labs, protesting against hunting animals in any way. But soon they became very political and diplomatic and after a short time they had already started a worldwide Revolution. The so called Zoo-Revolution.

The Revolution was free of violence, and especially this aspect may have been the reason why it has been so effective. They showed the humans that they were not the only thinking being on earth, so they gave them the same rights as humans and granted them a small country between Germany and Austria (the former city Passau) to live in. In memory of the Revolution the Animals called their small country B.E.A.S.T.-City.