A Blade-Warrior from another world


"Is this a coon or what?" -

C-Nog was borned on the Earth in another dimension. He had never seen his real parents. Today he know they had an air-breakdown with his 'steam-flightship' over Germany. They crached into the forest of Berlin.

Only C-Nog survived and was found by the Clan of Swordmen-Coons, easily "C.S.C. "! This coons found him and see a change to teach a human "The Way of the Coon"! The Swordmen-Coons are high intelligent coons trained in mind and the art of blade. Their mission is to restore the peace on the whole world!

He had a natural talent as swordman and a tough mind. His master was "Rising Coon Günther". Günther teached him everything he knowed and C-Nog growned up to a mighty hero. He was 9 years old on his 1st mission. He had to discover the evil plans of the villain organisation known as "Telekom". He infiltrated a "big Telekom HQ in Darmstadt"and this sneaking child killed 19 Telekom guardians on his way.

But C-Nog never had any mystic powers like the other coons but he knew to help himself. C-Nog was the 1st and the last member of the clan who used modern technologic. Under his mask is a nightvision that let him seeing like the other coons. C-Nogs suit was made by himself. The gloves and boots have a high sense of touch, so he can feel the heartbeat of an enemy via his feet.

On his 21st birthday in year 2019 he was send to a his biggest mission. He came never back to the C.S.C. ....

The mission was to defeat the "World Destroyer" in his mainbase in the arctic. The World Destroyer was borned in 1889. His real name is Adolf Hitler!

In 1978 during the second World War found Hitler the "Water of Life" thats make him immortal. He called himself "World Destroyer" and besieged the "U.S.A. Blacktech Fort" in the arctic. From there he tries to destroy everything.

2019 C-Nog infiltrates the "Blacktech Fort", kills a bulk soldiers and finally he fighted face to face against "World Destroyer"! C-Nog was mighty, brave and undaunted to defeat his Enemy. While this fight C-Nog lost his right arm and he fought with his left hand, only with his knife. From this moment C-Nog ignored all his mercy. "World Destroyer" keeped his last life force to activate a new prototype of a untested energy granade! C-Nog just remember the bright light and then...

World Destroyer2

First Contact

He woke up on the same mountain, but the "Blacktech Fort" wasn't there. Nothing was there, apart from C-Nog and "World Destroyers" dead buddy. Five minutes after his arising he saw superjet on his way. This was the first time he met Justiciar, the leader of the Canadian superteam Starforce! This moment C-Nog reallized to be in another Dimension.

C-NOG (2)

C-Nog in duty for the League of U.U.G.

And since this day C-Nog became a member of the Champions and he's happy to know that his own world is free of the "World Destroyer".

After the big Qularr invasion and Dr. Destroyers attack against Millenium City, he met Gore-Rilla (The Ringmaster) and from the first moment C-Nog had a feeling of sympathy. Together they decide to arrange a league they found Weber and DemoNya.

(more details in Gore-Rilla The Ringmaster . look at his days in Millenium City)

And this little team searched a leader and they found Criptix! This was the day this five friends started the League of Untolerable Unextraordinary Gentlemen . Today is Gore-Rilla alias Big-G(only C-Nog calls him Big-G) the new Leader of the L.U.U.G.

C-Nog best partner in League is DemoNya. They two saved alone Camp Lantern, a U.N.T.I.L. base in North Africa, by defeating the Viper and defeat their high ranked soldier Ripper. After this they are caved in the dimension of the Horrors, a place like Hell.


Everything after this, is just legendary.....