Der Schlitzer standard

Der Schlitzer, as he appeared before joinging the League


Der Schlitzer (The Slasher/The Cleaver) is a hero whose background is shrouded in mystery. All that is known is that he originated from Germany, where he is said to have studied the art of swordfighting as it was passed down from the famed medieval swordsmaster Johannes Liechtenauer. Rumors exist that he also spent time in Japan studying kendo and ninjutsu in a secluded dojo. After honing his powers for so long and reaching superhuman strength, agility and skill, he thought he was finally prepared to take a stand against the evil powers threatening this world, but because of his naivity and lack of experience he was successfully tricked and brainwashed by Dr. Hibbel to join his forces and become a general of his evil army. But his mind was never completely broken; he regained control over himself, realized his mistake and started a rebellion with Gore-Rilla the Ringmaster and Destwatuator, the other two generals and they defeated the army they were supposed to lead. He has been supporting Gore-Rilla the Ringmaster ever since, fighting the good fight wherever he is needed. It is thus no surprise that he recently joined the mighty League of Untolerable Unextraordinary Gentlemen.