Destwatuator may be Dr. Hibbel´s greatest invention. He is the perfect warmachine, originally designed to lead his unstoppable army together with Gore-Rilla The Ringmaster and Der Schlitzer. But Dr. Hibbel made one mistake. He gave him a free mined. The result was a way more powerful warrior than Dr. Hibbel´s other drones, but who also had the possibility to choose. And so he chose his freedom and fought his master and his evil army. Together with Gore-Rilla and Der Schlitzer he finally won the possibility to choose his own way. Destwatuator had two deams an once. Ether he wanted to become an Champione, or he wanted to become the world graitest Dancer. Today he is the Champion with the way best dancing-moves.

Gore and Dest

Gore-Rilla and Destwatuator shaking it up, Heroe-style!

Several years after the "Dr. Hibbel war", Dr. Destroyer stole the blueprints of Destwatuator and used them to create his Annihilator Bots. They have no free will and so they are way less powerful than Destwatuator, but they are still a danger for the Champions of Millennium City.

Destwatuator felt responsible for this new danger, his „little brothers“. So he joined the Champions to stop Dr. Destroyer from using his blueprints for his evil plans.