Dr. Hibbel is a scientist who is as brilliant as he is mad. A couple of years ago, he had developed a plan to take over the world, thereby creating one of the most powerful and dangerous evil armies that the world had ever seen. But despite his efforts, his plans were shattered by Gore-Rilla The Ringmaster, Destwatuator and Der Schlitzer (and maybe also the Awesome Ninja and Pirates Agency).

Even in defeat, he didn't turn away from the evil side completely. Though no longer driven by the will to rule the world (that's a hopeless effort anyway), he's now directing his genius at preventing other wanna-be worldrulers' plans, for if he himself can't rule, nobody else should have that pleasure either. His envy and hatred of other aspiring world-dominators is so big that he even chose to ally himself with his own former creations and servants, who had turned against him and destroyed his plans. These days, he's even kinda happy that they stopped him, for the world doesn't seem worthy enough for him to meddle in its pity affairs and problems, when there is a whole universe to discover (and maybe rule one day), as well as physical laws to break and shape according to his will, which already brought him several Anti-Nobel prizes and a dishonourary doctor's degree in physics at the university of Millennium City. "Stop messing around with that Quantum theory already, Dr. Hibbel!"