P.S.Y.-Co Mercs

Back in the days when the evil Dr. Hibbel created his plan to achieve world domination, he was determined not to fail as so many other mad evil scientists had done before him. He carefully analyzed their failed strategies and schemes, until he found the fundamental weakness of their plans. Apart from overly elongated speeches or explanations in the sight of (seemingly) certain victorty, their biggest flaw was always that they relied on one type of minions or henchmen. Human mercenaries or clones, robots, or genetically manipulated animals. Only rarely did they have two of the three in their forces, and never all of them. So Dr. Hibbel decided to create an army that would combine the adaptibility and flexibility of humans, the brute strength and ferocity of wild animals and the cold, deadly efficiency of robots. As this meant creating not one, but three armies, he first had to commit himself to fundraising, because an evil army doesn't come for free, not even for an evil mastermind. By inventing TV-casting shows, he could both make a fortune in profit sharing from all those casting shows that flooded the world and unleash the pure evil of public humiliation and third-class pseudo stars on the world. With ever more money flooding his pockets and bank accounts, his first step was to create a mercenary organization called P.S.Y.-Co to act as his personal security force while he was completing his research.

The first of his creations was a new generation of battle-robots that soon entered mass production in his factories in China and supplemented his ever growing force of mercenaries. Having completed his robots, he moved on to find the most ferocious animals on the planet, bringing them to his lair and extracting their DNA. He identified the genes that gave the animals their power and recombined the genes to achieve the maximal effect. Then, large numbers of genetically modified tigers, lions, wolves, honey badgers, gorillas, crocodiles and so on were bred and raised, receiving vigorous training and conditioning so they would only follow his orders. While the numbers of his army grew, his work wasn't finished yet. Dr. Hibbel knew that he couldn't lead such an army alone, he needed generals to carry out his orders. He already had a general for his P.S.Y.-Co Mercs, an exceptionally skilled and powerful fighter whom he had brainwashed, like all his mercs, to fanatically carry out his orders. This man would later be known as "Der Schlitzer". For his robot army, he created an improved version of his battle-robots, with better armaments and armour, but also a free mind, for a leader has to have greater mental capabilities than his underlings. This robot-general became known as "Destwatuator". Finally, to lead his army of war-beasts, he combined the DNA of an "enhanced" Gorilla with that of a human, which resulted in a hyper-intelligent and powerful being which was given the name "Gore-Rilla". What the Doctor didn't know was that his army had been infiltrated. Not by the CIA or FSB, those guys were never a problem for the evil mastermind. It was the Awesome Ninja and Pirates Agency that managed to get agents into Dr. Hibbels forces. Though their role in the following events are subject to speculation, it is believed that it was thanks to these agents that Der Schlitzer and a few other high ranking mercenaries like "Akai Onna" (though some say she was one of those agents herself) overcame their brainwashing. In the meantime, doubts had already begun to form in the mind of Gore-Rilla, who couldn't stand the sight of his fellow beasts being enslaved by Dr. Hibbel. He had already started a plot to overthrow his master on his own, when he found out about the new condition of his fellow general Der Schlitzer. They joined forces and decided to take the risk of talking to Destwatuator about their plans. They offered him the choice between eternal servitude under Dr. Hibbel or freedom. Destwatuator chose freedom, and soon after his mightiest creations turned against Dr. Hibbel, mere days before his planned offensive on the world should begin.

The battle was long and brutal, but the rebels were finally able to defeat the army they were supposed to lead and put an end to Dr. Hibbel's plans of world domination. Being faced with his failure that had occured despite all of his efforts, Dr. Hibbel gave up on his plans forever. And because nobody should ever succeed where he himself had failed, he dedicated himself to fighting other evil guys planning to take over the world. "If I can't have it, nobody else shouldn't either, damn it!" On this day, five new superheroes were born, and the world was saved yet again.