In an alternative universe a wrestling league dominates the world’s entertainment market. This wrestling league is called EBW (Extreme Brainless Wrestling). On the outside the EBW is a brilliant show with awesome action and highly exciting storylines. Everybody knows that wrestling is just an entertaining show act. But they are wrong. The EBW is ruled by an extremely dangerous and brilliant man named Frongo Freeze or just “The Owner”. In the universe of the Champions they would call him an Mastermind-Villain but in this universe there are no Champions who could face him. So no one can stop him and his evil plans. Mr. Freeze forces his wrestler to fight each other in the ring. But without any show elements. They are fighting for there lives. Their enemy in the ring is not the only threat for the mighty athletes cause if they would refuse to fight or even just showing a bad performance they would be in the danger of being assassinated by one of Frongo Freeze’s twelve highly skilled “Bodyguard -Police officers”. So they fight for there lives as slaves of Frongo Freeze.