Backround StoryEdit


The Ringmaster

He is one of Dr. Hibbel´s creations and was also one of the three generals in Dr. Hibbel's evil army who turned against his master and Creator. Together with "Der Schlitzer" and "Destwatuator" he defeated the evil army they were intended to lead.

Since then Gore-Rilla travelled the land, searching for all kinds of non-human-animals who reached high intelligence. After a few years he found a little army of them. Some were random mutations and some were the result of horrible experiments like Gore-Rilla himself.

Gore Army

Gore-Rilla in Dr. Hibbel´s Army

Together they formed the "B.E.A.S.T. - Circus" (Brilliantly-Evolved-Animals'-Self-Treatment-Circus) and started a nearly worldwide revolution .

After this so called "Zoo-Revolution" in 1998, when the animals took over about 6000 zoos, 460 circuses and various farms all around earth, the leader of the Revolution (Gore-Rilla) was known as "The Ringmaster". A name the Humans gave him for leading the "B.E.A.S.T. - Circus".

From that day on, B.E.A.S.T. defended their hard-fought equality of every thinking being.
Today Gore-Rilla (The Ringmaster) has a seat in the N.A.T.O. and the B.E.A.S.T. - Circus has become a small country between Germany and Austria (the former city of Passau).
But even today The Ringmaster is ready to fight every harassment that any creature on earth might fear. He will punish everyone who endangeres the peace on this planet. If necessary with his bare, mightful hands...

Gore-Rilla in B.E.A.S.T.-City

His days in Millennium CityEdit

After bashing the shit out of some alien dudes he decided to stay in Millennium City for a while joining Defender’s Champions. The first other champion he allied with was a little girl name Invisible. And she really was invisible. The picture of a gorilla with a hat talking to himself made it hard for him to team up with others but he knew he wouldn’t be strong enough to defeat Dr. Destroyer on his own and with only one dress, so he decided do found a super group to find allies and get a free new costume slot.

Gore-Rilla with his L.U.U.G.-Uniform

After Invisible and their new companion Lokj (today also a member of the L.U.U.G.) had to go to bed, because it was really late, he travelled to the Champions Headquarter willing to found a super group. At the headquarters he met C-Nog. An adult man dressed like a coon. He looked kind of an old friend of Gore-Rilla named Colonel McCoon back in B.E.A.S.T.-City. Soon they allied to search for the other three missing members for their Super group. Quickly they met Weber. A strange looking clown-like wizard.

The three Heroes travelled to Canada to defeat the Vipers and there they met DemoNya. A flying demon girl who was willing to join there Super group. They headed back to the Champions HQ searching for their last member. After a whole while fighting each other and others in duels, they finally met their last necessary member for founding a Super group. His name was Criptix.

Together they finally founded the still growing Super group called „League of Untolerable Unextraordinary Gentlemen

His early daysEdit

thumb|300px|left|Gore-Rillas first stepsthumb|300px|right|Gore-Rilla fighting his first villain "Bear Guy"