Ripsnarl is a long time friend of Dr. Silverback as he is a manimal too. Ripsnarl and the Dr. met on the remote Monster Island, during the rebellion against Dr. Moreau. At the time Ripsnarl was only a child but was still able to remember how the young and brilliant Dr. Silverback saved his life from one of Moreau's top lieutenants at the time. In the months after the rebellion Silverback became a sort of father figure to Ripsnarl as his had died in the rebellion and he never knew his mother. Silverback became New Gornyj's doctor.

When Dr. Silverback left the Island and Ripsnarl he left him in the peaceful manimal village of New Gornyj ,where they lived since the rebellions, in the care of Qwyjibo. As a wolf manimal(which are very rare among manimals) he was required to learn the he was required to learn to use all forms of fighting avaible to him and become a gaurdian of peace.

Years later Ripsnarl was finaly old enough to leave the island and see the outside world, Ripsnarl leaped at the chance to leave and seek out the magnificent Dr. Silverback.

A City of Wonders

When first arriving in Millenium City Ripsnarl almost forgot about his mission to find the Dr. he was amazed he wanted to explore everything but he knew thats not why he was there and he knew he had to find Dr. Silverback. Ripsnarl started to ask where he could find the Dr. but everyone started running away from him whenever he got close eventually he saw a big man with old looking armor plates and a huge sword approaching him, believing he was a threat Ripsnarl drew his bow and notched an arrow aimed at the giant warrior.

"Who are you and why have you been terrorizing the citizens?" said the giant, not knowing how to respond Ripsnarl began to lower his bow. Finally answering Ripsnarl spoke saying "Does that mean your a good guy?" truly wondering if he wasn't evil. The giant then apparently understanding that he was no villain put away his sword and started walking closer to Ripsnarl until he was only a foot away. The giant then spoke saying "Then welcome to the city of Millenium I believe the Dr. will like to see you, I'll have the police take you", overjoyed with the thought that this Dr. might be Dr. Silverback, Ripsnarl Quickly said" The Dr.? Dr.Silverback! Please where is he!" "Ironclad then said you know of the Dr.? Then I will take you now" and the giant who intruduced himself to be Ironclad, escorted Ripsnarl to Dr. Silveback where they were reunited again after years of separation and Dr. Silverback told Ripsnarl of the recent Qularr Invasion that had just been stopped by heros from both local and foreign locations and origins.