Titan 2

While Gore-Rilla was helping the Defender defending Millennium-City from Dr. Destroyer, Tony Tarsier (Gore-Rilla The Ringmaster´s sidekick) took care of B.E.A.S.T-City.

He did his Job well. He was loved by the citizen and he made criminals a real hard life. He even managed to catch and prison Red Riever. Quick his powers in B.E.A.S.T-City grow and even the Major Samuel Squid wouldn’t do anything without the agreement of Tony Tarsier.

The citizen of B.E.A.S.T.-City lost their trust in their Government long ago. They felt betrayed by the humans and sedated with a small piece of land they get to life in. When Gore-Rilla went to Millennium City they felt left alone with their worries. So Tarsier was a welcome hero to prise. Tarsier knew that and he started to feed their anger and their fear about the humans, the government and even against Gore-Rilla. Tarsier was blinded from the power he get and the more powerful he becomes the bigger becomes his hunger. Finally he led a revolution and conquered B.E.A.S.T.-City without any resistance. With this mighty army, his nearly infinite mind powers and his big spooky eyes he tries to destroy Millennium City and the Champions, as a sign of superiority of his horrific “B.E.A.S.T-Army of Doom”.

Tony Tarsier was gone and Tarsier Titan was born!

Titan 1

Tarsier Titan using his telepathic “head explode” technique

(in memory to our brave cameraman Tommy)Edit

300px|Tarsier Titan using his telepathic “head explode” technique (in memory to our brave cameraman Tommy)Edit

Tarsier Titans most prominent handymen

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