The Clan of Swordmen-Coons

The Clan of Swordmen-Coons (Der Clan der Schwertkämpfer-Waschbären)Edit

Nobody knows who they are. Nobody is sure the clan really exists. But in C-Nogs home-dimension they are a myth, a legend or a story for bad kids in human eyes. But they fight there since the first human war for the peace. Everytime the evil awakes in the people they fight them, they drive out evil spirits, they kill evil people, they are at war with the hell and the are just coons. Not even bigger then four years old child but with dangerous blade and death bringing skills.

As child, C-Nog asked almost every day, why the clan protect the human people? He should find it out after his 21st birthday, but this day he never returned back home from his Epiphany-Mission. So, he never heard the answer.

The C.S.C have basements all over the world. They haven't any technologies but they are natural mystics. And their "mystic skills" bounded with the "Art of Blade" make them to high effective peacekeepers.

The "Rising Coon Günther" is the teacher for "The Art of Blade" and he teaches since 1743. No one on earth is known with better swordman-skills, not even C-Nog. If a coon succed the art they will send out all over the world in one of the uncountable "Cave-Basements".