In an alternate universe, a man named Professor Spiffington (a brilliant scientist of the EBW, working for Frongo Freeze) secretly worked on a project in his lab to stop his insane and diabolic boss. This project's codename was “panta rhei“ and its intention was to create an ultimate wrestler. Spiffington already had the basic structure of his warrior, but he was searching for the right medium to transfer a gigantic amount of energy to this base. After years of research he finally found the essence of pure power. The mightiest substance in the universe. The extraction of a real warrior. The concentrated perspiration of the EBW-Superstars. This powerful medium made Spiffington´s creation an perfect Mexican wrestler out of salty, hot steam and with an awesome mustache, He was known as “The Drop”.

The Drop’s first mission was to defeat the twelve “Bodyguard -Police officers” of Frongo Freeze. And so he did. One after another. The Drop left only heavily boiled corpses of his victims. The air of the crime scenes was always filled with a sweaty smell and heavy fog and heads were detached by his Leg drops or chests were bruised by his Dropkicks.

Drop steam

The Drop using his Sweat-Steam-Power

Meanwhile the resistance within the EBW was growing. After most of the evil “Bodyguard -Police officers” had been assassinated the EBW-Superstars finally started a revolution against Frongo Freeze and his loyal Wrestlers. The revolution seemed won when Freeze’s strongest minion „Gox“ changed sides, influenced by the legendary wrestling icon „Discotizer“, but then The Owner released his secret weapon, “Stonehead” an unstoppable professional boxer. While most EBW-Superstars fought Frongo´s loyals, Discotizer and Gox faced Stonehead in an 2on1-hardcore-noDQ-hell in a cell-match. But even the power of Gox combined with the experience of Discotizer couldn’t stop Stonehead´s horrible fists made of dark matter.

In the last second, shortly before Stonehead could land his deadly finishing move on the Discotizer, The Drop returned from his Mission und saved Discotizer and the already defeated Gox by interrupting the match and attacking Stonehead. The two nearly equal warriors fought a hard and long fight. After hours of this Hardcore-match the whole stadium looked like a wasteland and the two athletes were badly hurt. But The Drop knew that he would lose this match. Stonehead was just too powerfully. So The Drop decided to use his last weapon against Stonehead. His infernal finishing-move. The “Atomic Drop”. He knew that he would kill himself with this attack but also he knew that it would be the only way to stop Stonehead. Professor Spiffington felt like a father for his creation and he tried to stop him, but it was too late. When the bottom of Stonehead touched the knee of The Drop the hole arena blew up in an devastating mushroom cloud made of hot steam and pure energy. Both, Stonehead and The Drop, separated themselves on an atomic level of dimensions. The salty rain, falling from the gray clouds The Drop blew in the atmosphere, released mixed feelings within the remaining EBW-Superstars. The Drop sacrificed himself for the freedom of the EBW-Superstars. Today he is a legend and a never forgotten hero in the EBW-Universe.

Drop back

The Drop´s emblem. A drop.

But The Drop wasn’t really lost. His basic molecules slipped into an other universe through the impact of his Atomic drop. The universe of the Champions. There they rested for a long time in the waters of the sewage system. They were surrounded by water but they needed something more powerfully to recombine The Drop. Then suddenly they found something. An equally strong essence with enough energy to start the reconstruction.

On the surface the “Battle of Detroit“ had ended and the rain washed the sweat and blood of the Champions into the sewerage system. These powerfully new sweat molecules were the necessary energy source for the basic molecules to rebuild The Drop. But he was not the same. His Mexican-Wrestler-Base was the same but his body and mind were different. He was still created to fight for the good, but he was not the same Drop as the Drop in the EBW-Universe. He shared no memories with is earlier form. He was a completely new Drop but with the same water and steam based Powers.

He didn’t know who he was but he quickly discovered his power again. Right after his body was rebuilt, he transformed himself into steam again like he had done before his “death”. The first few weeks he lived in the sewage system under Millennium city. Led by his instincts he rescued a lot of Scientists down there.

The deuterium oxide Drop (L.U.U.G)

After 3 weeks boiling and freezing the evil gangs of Millennium-City, he suddenly met Gore-Rilla The Ringmaster down in the sewage system. Because of The Drop’s natural Mexican-Wrestler-Look (with his mask and his cape), Gore-Rilla thought the stranger was just an other Champion down here for a mission. So he invited him to his team and shared his mission (rescue 3 Scientist) with The Drop. Without any questions The Drop joined Gore-Rilla and together they smashed a whole bunch of bad guys. The Drop had a good feeling about that. He didn’t know who or where he was, but being a Superhero and fighting the evil was the reason for his existence. So he joined the Champions and at the same day the L.U.U.G.
2011-07-07 00002

The Drop and Der Schlitzer beating up some bad guy

Back in the EBW-Universe Professor Spiffington swore to himself that he would never produce a new Drop to honour his “Son” with the present of being unique.

He never came to know about the real fate of The Drop.

The Drop and der Schlitzer representing the L.U.U.G. in Millennium City